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In other places..

I do still write. Having picked up the occasional writing gig for the NRA and what seems to be an escalated travel schedule have caused for neglected duties here. Everytime I climb onto a plane I think "this would be a good time to write that new Dark Arts article.." and then I either open my moleskine to see the work ahead and behind me, or I close my eyes until I hear "prepare the cabin for arrival..."

All that said, the link below goes to Shooting Illustrated were we look at staying skilled in the absence of ammo or range time.


p.s. sharpen that tactical folder in your pocket I can see the lint from here.


Anonymous said…
Glad you are staying busy. Your linked article is truth. Matter of fact I recently took two months off of shooting to train for my first boxing match. It was an invaluable experience. Due to having the shooting fundamentals ingrained before the break I was able pick up where I left off within one range session (of course I'm no Jerry Miculek).

One thing that helps keep the fundamentals ingrained is dry firing on small targets, but at speed. For example, practicing a speed draw at 7 yards but using a post it note instead of a full silhouette.

Looking forward to the next article whenever you get around to it.
PS:It is not lint it is emergency fire tender that I just store with my knife.
2knives said…
More wisdom please. You have an unfailing ability to get it right consistently. Last time I engaged in a knife fight was at an ATM at 6A.M. on a sunny May morning. Being mugged by a teenager in a Ninja suit at this hour was not an expectation. My training prevailed but he did get away as I was laughing so hard (after I pulled my knife to counter his knife). Life always has a way of throwing curve balls at you. Train that way.
Anonymous said…
or I close my eyes until I hear "prepare the cabin for arrival..."
So you hit the bar for a couple of double Bloody Marys too?
(Sky Harbor in Phx has multiple bars in the secure area that has doubles for only $.75 more than the regular price)
Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you. I was thinking you had some trouble (family, self),good you were just busy
Pakkinpoppa said…
Pocket lint...what Charles said above, its emergency tinder.
Brigid said…
It's good that you're writing, because your writing is good. Stay safe as you stay busy. Cheers.
John Adam said…
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