Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The "Best" a man can get

What I find curious about the Gillette Razor commercial in it's tackling "toxic masculinity" of which it does in the most beta of male way ever, is that if a company ever decided to run an ad going after "bitch culture", their headquarters would literally be burnt to the ground.

Masculinity is not toxic. It is not. Is there such a thing as "toxic masculinity"? I think there is. Men just tend to shorten the phraseology and, we coined a term eons ago for this type of behavioral patterns in some human males.

We call them assholes.

Perhaps, just perhaps, society as a whole, be individually invested in the ideas of; humility, personal responsibility, personal freedom, manners, eating at the table, pursuing the family, creating stable environments not just for kids, but for men and women. As a man, there is nothing "toxic" about my masculinity. It is something that I absolutely love and embrace. Somewhere along the way there became this perverse idea from worthless men and hateful women the false-notion that a man is not gentle, nor loving. Incapable of care towards his wife, his child, his planet, his fellow human.

I love being a man. Perhaps that is what most confused me as an adult. As a kid, I always looked forward to manhood only to discover when I finally got here all I found was people trying to reject adulthood. Telling me how wonderful the childhood I just left was and, how they wanted to be a child again.

Yeah no thanks.

The idea that childhood is this wonderful and, idyllic place is moronic. I had a wonderful childhood by and large, but it was also an very uncontrolled environment in the sense of my own voice. I had no say, not really.

Dealing with life issues was like trying to peer into the jet black night of this thing called "the future".

As a man I have led, and followed. I have held the ability to traverse the world, stand up for what is right, to push back against evil in my own way. Something I could never do as a child.

I enjoy adulthood. It's not like I'm perfect at it nor, is my attitude or demeanor, every damn day but, I reject the idea that because some people, who are insecure in their own minds and, their worlds see being a man as something that is "toxic" or "evil".

You may note the fact that I don't use the term "dangerous" or "non-violent" in that relation to "toxic masculinity". Because I am in fact both dangerous if need be and, can exercise the prettiest little bout of violence against a bad men should the occasion arise.

Dangerous nor violent do not equate evil.

Neither does being a man.

My masculinity is not toxic, my masculinity is in fact a very intricate part of my identity and my gender.

I owe no one an apology for who I am, and I don't need to be "educated" by a razor company.

That much is for damn certain.


John said...

Well said, sir.

Dave said...

Wow. Perfect. Make no changes to your post.

Taylor Harbin said...

One only has to read the absurd writings of Carl Sagan and his theory of “testosterone poisoning“ to see how far we’ve come.

Heath J said...

Hear hear.

Dan said...

Well said. I can dig it!

Angel charls said...
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Henshaw said...

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Display Name said...

What a spewing of grievance nonsense.

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