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Last night the wife took the dog for a walk, as she walked out the door I reminded her to take a knife. She said it's still daylight, I kindly reminded her of rule #2. They of course fall after the teachings of Christ and the "Big Ten".

Now failure happens and rules get broken, no doubt. But a man should have his own rules in life that should be followed by him. Why? See rule #25 for the answer.

Love God.Always have a knife.Don't put your hands on anyone, require the same from everyone else.Don't allow yourself to be wronged or insulted.Everyone lies.Watch the hands, hands kill.If it's not yours don't take it.Pockets are to be used to assist you in life.All guns are loaded.It is better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.Keep your word.Keep an eye on the door.Have a plan.Never apologize if you aren't wrong or for doing the job right.
Don't mess with the coffee.It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not.Have a second …

Purifier of Silver

Though she's been an incredibly easy target for the media and late night talk show hosts the last several weeks, there is something truly heart breaking yet, I hope, redemptive and most of all telling in Britney's lack of locks.

Perhaps the saddest of all things is how society immediately re-classifies her as now being "unstable" because she cut her own hair off, to the point that when she went into the Salon the stylist refused to do it. Maybe the refusal seems smart, but there was a very much missed premise there. Britney Spears, the multi-million dollar, pop princess was not free to make her own choice about her image. Had she, when pregnant decided to have an abortion claiming it was holding her back from the life she wanted, she would have been hailed by feminist the world over for living her life her way and not being held to societies standard. Cut your own hair off and you need rehab, or is it re-education.

Stick with me here.

I'm not saying she's not in…