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After every spree shooting, like the one that just happened in Florida at a School Board meeting, everyone wants to play amateur psychologist and find what the gunman's motivations was.

Here is the answer regardless.

He woke up and decided to be an evil bastard with a gun.

When you encounter an individual whose desire is violence, death and destruction you must meet him on equal terms. While it may seem brave for a man to try and lovingly talk a gunman into laying down his gun and save his life or for an old woman to swing her purse at a gunman it simply is not appropriate.

If you have a gun you shoot him, if you have a knife you make a strategic move to get behind him if you can and put the knife into the back of his skull or kidneys. If all you have is a fire extinguisher you blind him with the spray get out of the path of blind fire and use the canister to bludgeon him to death and leave his head a bloody pulp on the linoleum.

While it may sounds gruesome it is not as bad as a frien…


Of the many situations I work at resolving for my clients, those who are victims of stalkers ranks right up there.

As I am continually gathering, studying and, compiling information on several issues. Of those Stalking in my opinion is the most personal. I have seen men and women and, in one case a child, pursued relentlessly until something is done. One client was harassed for no less than five years by a former co-worker's husband.

Ask any Cop and Victim how frustrating such cases can be. Proof is hard to come by (sometimes) and just like any other bad guy, terrorist, assassin or man eating lion they hold a lot advantages.

Catching and repelling Stalkers is one of those jobs that I hate to love, but I digress....

If you have ever been stalked I would appreciate you sharing your story with me. How it started, where it is at now, what it entailed in you successfully getting it resolved. Or did it ever get resolved?

Maybe it was an Ex, a casual acquaintance, a perfect stranger, a member…

Carte Blanche Barney Fife

Sorry I've been "off air" so to speak. There has been a lot going on. The Wife suffering some harassment from a quasi-stalker, a client who's family may or may not be trying to kill her, another client who is a victim to a Ponzi scheme of which I=am actively trying to retrieve his quarter of a million dollars, a move to the new residence, and oh yeah the arrival of The Daughter. So life's been a little out there.

Somethings worth mentioning in this whole new debacle of "aviation security". The Pilots may be leading the way in the fight against this false hope of security. There is a lot to read so let's get to it.

PDF Links worth checking out.

First up. A Freedom of Information request to the U.S. Justice Department's Marshall's Service. The link is a response from the U.S. Marshall's Service General Counsel's office to an attorney for the
"Electronic Privacy Information Center". The response is based upon the wanting to know i…

The .45 ACP Big Bear Medicine ?

We often associate hysteria and hype with the hoplophobes, but if we are honest we know full well it exists in the shooting community as well. Perhaps nowhere more predominately than in the mystical world of "stopping power".

My good friend Lead Chucker and I were weighing the merits of handgun stopping power against the big Bruins prior to his family's vacation out west earlier this summer. If there is or at least was good justification for buying a new gun it was to prevent death-by-bear. Ultimately he settled on just packing his XD in .45 ACP and has safely returned back across the plains to suffer the summer heat here in the mid-west.

Without a doubt most in the gun culture would quickly enter into a discourse that the illustrious .45 automatic is less than formidable against Ursusarctoshorribilisof the lower 48, and down right suicidal against the Coastal Browns of Alaska. Myself included, but now I have to reconsider such a position in light of evidence that has been…

For the Defense: Phoning it in

In the moments immediately following a lethal self-defense fight there is an existence of perverse intimacy.

No firearms instructors ever talk about it. That is the reality of being in the same room, the same parking garage, the same empty backwoods trail as your attacker dies and bleeds out because you have done this to him. His life having either left him or is leaving him as he struggles, kicks, moans and dies. It is a dark moment on anyone's life. You may be alone, you maybe with your loved ones, or a completely innocent by-stander, either way, there you are.

There are conventional rules of engagement for the good guys, though they are for the most part unwritten. The first is that you call 9-1-1 and that you stay where you are.

Once while working a kidnapping case in a very rough borough in mid-western city my local contact advised me to make one of two choices should I find myself in a gunfight. The first was to have all my brass wiped clean of fingerprints and get out of the …

New Article Series : For the Defense

Recently I had a conversation with a defense attorney, who explained that a client had, in self-defense, shot and killed a would be attacker.

As it was explained to me they were going to have a difficult time defending this case of "well aimed" over kill". Because apparently the Non-Victim had admirably performed a text book Mozambique Drill.

The local Prosecuting Attorney saw this as somehow nefarious and, felt it in everyone's best interest to press charges.

A lengthy diatribe on my part ensued as to why and how this was not an "assassin's maneuver" as the Prosecutor had claimed. What disturbed me the most was not the Prosecutor's angle, but rather the Defense attorney's ignorance. The firm-in-question is considered the "Go-To" defense team in the mid-west. When I had finished explaining why the client had done everything in text book fashion she said "REALLY!?".

Where the "Dark Arts for Good Guys" series h…

Dark Arts for Good Guys: Drive Like You Mean It

Somethings in life that you just don't mix. Drinking and Driving, Free-Style Swimming and Great White Sharks, and Shooting and Driving.
Hollywood has made much out the driving and shooting scenes in the action flicks. Automatic weapon fire, Good Guys and bad guys leaning out the window slinging lead.
There is nothing naturally inherent about driving a car. It is a learned skill. Just like shooting.
And if you are in the drivers seat you bear one responsibility. Driving.Whether you trying to escape from a hostile crooked government or a gang of armed kidnappers, time and distance are your current best friends. The greater the distance from the “Kill Zone” the longer your life expectancy increases. The problem of course can be compounded if the “Kill Zone” is also mobile.
If distance is your friend, speed and maneuverability are its kissing cousins. Mashing the pedal to the floor and reaming out tachometer may increase your speed, but there is also a likelihood of losing control of …

Returning soon

Geez who runs this blog anyway.

In the next few weeks there are more "Dark Arts" postings coming. Two concerning defensive driving, an interesting application for extension cord use, and a study on human anatomy and how the body dies from trauma.

Another related but untitled as such post to the "Dark Arts" series is understanding and deciding on equipment when bugging out....realistically and very practically speaking.

Farther on out past that I am working on a year long gun study project called "one year-one rifle: The .357 Magnum Lever Action".

As always thanks for reading Straight Forward in a Crooked World.

And remember if the bad men come be their worst nightmare.

Get on your knees and Aim

In the world of "concealed & carry" and self-defense with handguns there is an well perpetuated axiom that if one is forced to use their handgun in self-defense that it is likely to occur under the following conditions:

less than 5 rounds fired at seven yards in low light conditions.

Whether the very old statistical data is true or not it has created some very significant problems in the CCW world (imho). One is that it inbreeds laziness on a certain level. To the extent that even the gun manufacturers have caught onto this given the current crop of 0oz plastic .380s with non-existent sights.

We have in the gun-carry culture become so focused on ourselves that many of us would rather not be "inconvenienced" by carrying a full or medium size handgun. Steel, plastic or otherwise.

Over reliance on tiny back up guns as primary pieces on a regular basis, combined with the vast majority of our ammo being expended at the 7 yards range is that it creates inherently bad…

Gear Review: Luminox Watch

Open any gun magazine, sporting catalog or watch any spy/special forces genre action movie or tv show and at some point you're gonna see the subtle product placement of a tactical watch on the heroes wrist.Nothing new to this really. James Bond through the decades has worn Rolex's, Omega's, and Breitlings. Clive Cussler's character Dirk Pitt has worn and orange faced Doxa dive watch for years. Even Jack Bauer (or maybe more so) with his character wearing the hundred pound MTM tactical watch that has “a light on it that can be seen a mile away”. Actually I once owned a Rolex President for 45 seconds when a Principal I was working gave it to me by mistake at a Christmas party. I realized the mistake immediately and handed it back to him and said “couldn't I have a nice Parazzi 12 gauge instead”.The funny thing about watch companies is they have to go out and find someone to endorse it, pay them large sums of money to get the reputation built. After all everyone has…

Not for the faint of heart

Since the Dark Arts for Good Guys series started I have striven to paint an accurate picture of what social meltdown looks like en masse.

Sometime back I ran across VBS.TV put out by Spike Jonze. They are currently running an 8 part series on "the vice guide to Liberia". While its not for the faint of heart it is well worth if you've never seen first hand an apocalypse situation. Because dear people of earth they do exist, and it can happen anywhere.

Which is why Dark Arts got started to begin with. I encourage you to watch it and put it in your own context of understanding and remove the "oh it won't happen here" mindset.

The Vice Guide to Liberia

In one man's opinion

When UmarFaroukAbdulmutallab attempted the in-flight bombing of Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas day the immediate fall out was a demand for mandatory backscatter X-ray machines in U.S. airports. On the counter side of the coin privacy advocates have continually argued that this type of technology not only violates personal privacy but may prove to be the end privacy as we know it. Aviation Security officials have responded that if we are to be secure in our travel that we must all be willing to sacrifice some personal liberty for “safety's sake”. The problem is that the air travel situation in this country is an amazing first world nightmare. Airlines are constantly in a poor financial state year end and year out. And it seems five years can not go by with out one major air carrier seeking protection from bankruptcy. There is the constant problem of planes being late, passengers stranded on board for hours, and additional fees for having the audacity to pack luggage. Add to it…