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Global Warming

So its July 20th, 2007 here in the Mid-West and normally the weather is something to the effect of 175 degrees with 225% humidity and everyone is generally willing to offer virginal sacrifices to the air conditioner gods to keep the appeased, yet every summer we are seeing milder and milder summers here in this part of the country. Sure we still get those stupid hot days, but something is changing.

As of this writing (around noon non the less) the Temp is 75 degrees and we have been experiencing something of Monsoons in the late afternoons a couple times a week and nice enjoyable St. Louis.

Global warming is being blamed or at least man is for causing global warming. Well I think we bear some burdens but not all of it. Here is just a thought for all you atheistic evolutionaries to ponder.

The ice caps are a result of meteor impacts that caused something to the effect of a nuclear winter over the earth (read: ice age). Areas that were once comparable to African …