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Not for the faint of heart

Since the Dark Arts for Good Guys series started I have striven to paint an accurate picture of what social meltdown looks like en masse.

Sometime back I ran across VBS.TV put out by Spike Jonze. They are currently running an 8 part series on "the vice guide to Liberia". While its not for the faint of heart it is well worth if you've never seen first hand an apocalypse situation. Because dear people of earth they do exist, and it can happen anywhere.

Which is why Dark Arts got started to begin with. I encourage you to watch it and put it in your own context of understanding and remove the "oh it won't happen here" mindset.

The Vice Guide to Liberia

In one man's opinion

When UmarFaroukAbdulmutallab attempted the in-flight bombing of Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas day the immediate fall out was a demand for mandatory backscatter X-ray machines in U.S. airports. On the counter side of the coin privacy advocates have continually argued that this type of technology not only violates personal privacy but may prove to be the end privacy as we know it. Aviation Security officials have responded that if we are to be secure in our travel that we must all be willing to sacrifice some personal liberty for “safety's sake”. The problem is that the air travel situation in this country is an amazing first world nightmare. Airlines are constantly in a poor financial state year end and year out. And it seems five years can not go by with out one major air carrier seeking protection from bankruptcy. There is the constant problem of planes being late, passengers stranded on board for hours, and additional fees for having the audacity to pack luggage. Add to it…