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Praise the Lord...and pass the ammunition

God created all men and Sam Colt made them equal, and the United States Supreme Court said we can stay that way.

Another reason Why Democrats Are Useless ab-so-lutely useless

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration indicated Tuesday that it had no plans to interfere with negotiations between Iraq and several Western oil giants to boost crude production in that country, despite concerns by some Democrats that the deal could inflame anti-U.S. sentiments. "Iraq is a sovereign country, and it can make decisions based on how it feels that it wants to move forward in its development of its oil resources," said White House spokeswomanDana Perino. "And if that means that our companies here in the United States can compete and win business, then that's for them and the Iraqis to decide," Perino added. "But I don't think the federal government of the United States needs to get involved."The administration's position puts it at odds with Democratic Sens. Chuck(I'm a pussy) Schumer of New York, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who warn that the deals could fan the perception that U.S. involvement …

My problem with a Christian.

I was standing some where in the vicinity of a corner if I remember vaguely enough, drinking a cup of coffee as I watched from about fifteen feet away as a guy and a bleach blond chic snorted cocaine off the stomach of another completely naked chic's body. Contrary to what Hugh Hefner claims about there being no drugs allowed at the Playboy Mansion I can tell you the same is not true at parties off sight. This particular occurrence happened right after the turn of this century in Miami. I was there as the bodyguard for a then client of mine, which basically afforded me as a then twenty something year old guy the opportunity to see more naked women than most National Geographic photographers ever will. Ironically enough I was not the least bit turned on, two hours earlier into the night I sense in lying, but after a while viewing human depravity just took its toll.

The ironic thought that went through my head as I watched the coke being sniffed off the girl's body was…