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Reasonable expectation of privacy......depends on who you ask

Privacy is a relative thing.
Today we live in a world where in order to do "normal and modern" things communicate (or self-publish) we voluntarily sacrifice some level of privacy. And while we like to think that this is in our hands it really isn't. The decision to give it away or keep it is ours but once we give it out it's no longer in our control.
The use of any electronic communication device is routed through large corporations with government regulation. At any given time hundreds of people on a daily basis have access to anything about you minus your inner most thoughts.
Those crazy kids at the NSA have all of us under constant watch word surveillance, and dig moderately hard enough you can find out a lot about a person right down to the size of their skivvies (seriously).
But Big Brother is not alone. In my work the coin is two sided; my clientele' ranges from private individuals, large corporations to governments......ah well not governments. Routi…