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When the rise of the pocket .380 took off a few years ago it was an attempt to answer the common man's problem with carrying concealed. They sold like a house-a-fire (as did the ammo). Easy to carry and weighing next to nothing it can be easy to get lured into such an attractive package.

I don't ever really preach against one gun or another for one reason, it's your life and you are an adult you should carry what YOU want for your own reasoning. That said one has to concede that some are simply more limited than others. Don't misread the intention there, all are capable of putting holes into the anatomy of a miscreant.

The problem arises with the circumstances in which that miscreant presents himself. While virtually sightless pistols like the Ruger LCP, Kel-Tecs or Beretta cats can serve well for the "street mugger"  or "backed into a corner" scenarios where the distance may be just a few feet; little guns with little sight don't serve well for…

When only the military has "assault rifles"

untitled in wake of an atrocity

In wake of the atrocity (which is the correct term instead of the misplaced tragedy) at Sandy Hook Elementary I have, like many of you, found myself amidst of old and failed debates. The idea, or rather ideology that there is a solitary solution to end violent crime is of course a false one.

Earlier today I received an email from someone who went into grand detail telling me that I had blood on my hands as an NRA member and, gun rights activist for the actions of Adam Lanza. Below is my reply that I felt I would share.

"I own chainsaws, I am not to blame for the deforestation of the rain forests.

I own a car, I am not to blame for the drunk drivers of this world.

I hunt wild game, I am not blame for those who slaughter wild dolphins in Taiji.

I own a camera, I am not to blame for the pornography aimed at children.

I have a butcher knife, I am not to blame for slasher that rides the train.

My shed holds gas cans, I am not to blame for the arsonist.

My garden requires fertilizer, …


So there are posts in the works (I swear). Life, like always is never dull around here and time is always precious and has to be prioritized.

I've got a rough post etched out on my time down on the Arizona/Mexican border back in October. There's a sit down with a local journalist discussing work as well (so we shall see).

The next installment on here should be regarding a piece of (ahem) "tactical clothing" that doesn't look remotely tactical in the much overly-misused-sense-of-the-word.

There is also a small transition in specific articles coming probably starting mid-winter aimed at personal protection written from two perspectives. One from a work stand point for some of you other professionals out there who share the same line of work (or are considering as a career path). The other is taking some of those personal protection techniques of what the layman calls "bodyguarding" and the rest of refer to as "EP" or "Executive Protection&…