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untitled in wake of an atrocity

In wake of the atrocity (which is the correct term instead of the misplaced tragedy) at Sandy Hook Elementary I have, like many of you, found myself amidst of old and failed debates. The idea, or rather ideology that there is a solitary solution to end violent crime is of course a false one.

Earlier today I received an email from someone who went into grand detail telling me that I had blood on my hands as an NRA member and, gun rights activist for the actions of Adam Lanza. Below is my reply that I felt I would share.

"I own chainsaws, I am not to blame for the deforestation of the rain forests.

I own a car, I am not to blame for the drunk drivers of this world.

I hunt wild game, I am not blame for those who slaughter wild dolphins in Taiji.

I own a camera, I am not to blame for the pornography aimed at children.

I have a butcher knife, I am not to blame for slasher that rides the train.

My shed holds gas cans, I am not to blame for the arsonist.

My garden requires fertilizer, I am not to blame for those who blow up buildings.

My hands bear fists, I am not to blame for the man who beats his family.

My body bears a penis, I am not to blame for the rapist.

I run a business, I am not to blame for  the con man who runs a scam.

My heart bears love, I am not to blame for those who are loveless."


Alan said…
I wonder why some people are so anxious to blame anyone and anything besides the one person that did commit the atrocity.
parascribe said…
Very well said.
Anonymous said…
Beautifully written.
Anonymous said…
Great stuff.
Thanks for posting this.
Anonymous said…
So true, thank you so much for sharing... it is the person who has to change their own behavior... no law can enforce that. It is up to us to control ourselves and act correctly... we cannot change the evil within a man. As long as man is bent on evil actions, no amount of gun control will stop violence and murder.
The person who wrote to you is misguided. Even so, they have the right to speak such nonsense. However, the line is crossed when they seek to change the way we execute our rights without our consent or even asking our opinion. That's not how a constitutional republic with democratic systems works.
This post, in a simplified form, would make a great print on a T-shirt.
GunRights4US said…
I will not be made to blame for anyone else - doing anything. Neither will I be disarmed.
Mycroft said…
Maybe he has a point and we should hold all Socialists like him responsible for the Holocaust, the Gulags and the Cambodian Killing Fields.
Sandy hook resident said…
People need a scapegoat. for some stupid reason they cant see that it is no one persons fault, but an amalgamation of the actions of others.