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Jump the Shark much?

Smart Concealed Carry

Fundamentally concealed carry is a comprehensive approach to predicting the future. No different than the reason we wear seat belts. One realizes that they live in society and several thousand years of recorded case history points out that not all members of society have good intentions toward everyone else. When we walk out the door there are inherent risks and unforeseeable events in the day ahead that may prove detrimental to your over all well being; therefore you take precautions.

Ironically, hoplophobes are always bent on making the world "safer" while simultaneously being the least prepared or capable of responding to a critical situation (but the first on camera after go figure). They also are the least flexible members of society where by comparison most licensed carry conceal permit holders tend to be more tolerant than often given credit. We tend to be encouraging and welcoming of people with diverse backgrounds and life style choices who have a desire to lea…