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Lest we forget

Never will there be a way (here) to memorialize all the men and women who died in sacrifice of this great nation but, there are some who are easily over looked and forgotten.

Simply put here are a few of those many who sacrificed their lives for this great nation and not all of them wore uniforms and in some cases died alone working and gathering the intelligence so that those in uniform could perform. Operation Eagle Claw one of the worst tragedies in the early history of America's Special Operations Forces became the mark of a phoenix rising from it's ashes in which those who sacrificed their lives for mission that never happened help to create to better warriors twenty years later.

We oft forget that those who are in the greatest debt in this great nation is those of us who breathe free air delivered to us by the dead.

Never can we repay such sacrifice nor, valor.

Operation Eagle Claw (April 24th-25th, 1980)

Airmen Major Richard L. Bakke
Major Harold L Lewis Jr…

A place to call home

When the wonder-nine craze kicked off in the 1980s Jeff Cooper infamously nick-named the the DA/SA service pistols "crunchen-tickers" (crunching the trigger on the first shot and ticking on the remaining). While not a inaccurate statement in some respects it was never one I found to really ever matter in as much as capability or accuracy because truth is while I much prefer a 1911 over most else and am more than accurate, I shoot a good friends .40 S&W SiG P229 better than any handgun I've ever owned.

The 9mm/DA/SA fade was also supposed to be someone's (hippies) idea that this was a "safer" pistol because of blah blah blah reasoning. Then came the potential holy-grail of law enforcement guns. The DAO semi-automatic. That which would surely prove to be a good cop gun and "lawyer proof". So in the 1990s the local metropolitan police force began their trek to modernization by rolling over from the traditional Smith & Wesson Model 10s &…