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When the rise of the pocket .380 took off a few years ago it was an attempt to answer the common man's problem with carrying concealed. They sold like a house-a-fire (as did the ammo). Easy to carry and weighing next to nothing it can be easy to get lured into such an attractive package.

I don't ever really preach against one gun or another for one reason, it's your life and you are an adult you should carry what YOU want for your own reasoning. That said one has to concede that some are simply more limited than others. Don't misread the intention there, all are capable of putting holes into the anatomy of a miscreant.

The problem arises with the circumstances in which that miscreant presents himself. While virtually sightless pistols like the Ruger LCP, Kel-Tecs or Beretta cats can serve well for the "street mugger"  or "backed into a corner" scenarios where the distance may be just a few feet; little guns with little sight don't serve well for…

When only the military has "assault rifles"

untitled in wake of an atrocity

In wake of the atrocity (which is the correct term instead of the misplaced tragedy) at Sandy Hook Elementary I have, like many of you, found myself amidst of old and failed debates. The idea, or rather ideology that there is a solitary solution to end violent crime is of course a false one.

Earlier today I received an email from someone who went into grand detail telling me that I had blood on my hands as an NRA member and, gun rights activist for the actions of Adam Lanza. Below is my reply that I felt I would share.

"I own chainsaws, I am not to blame for the deforestation of the rain forests.

I own a car, I am not to blame for the drunk drivers of this world.

I hunt wild game, I am not blame for those who slaughter wild dolphins in Taiji.

I own a camera, I am not to blame for the pornography aimed at children.

I have a butcher knife, I am not to blame for slasher that rides the train.

My shed holds gas cans, I am not to blame for the arsonist.

My garden requires fertilizer, …


So there are posts in the works (I swear). Life, like always is never dull around here and time is always precious and has to be prioritized.

I've got a rough post etched out on my time down on the Arizona/Mexican border back in October. There's a sit down with a local journalist discussing work as well (so we shall see).

The next installment on here should be regarding a piece of (ahem) "tactical clothing" that doesn't look remotely tactical in the much overly-misused-sense-of-the-word.

There is also a small transition in specific articles coming probably starting mid-winter aimed at personal protection written from two perspectives. One from a work stand point for some of you other professionals out there who share the same line of work (or are considering as a career path). The other is taking some of those personal protection techniques of what the layman calls "bodyguarding" and the rest of refer to as "EP" or "Executive Protection&…

The .22 LR Pistol and You

Once upon time I spent a week with a retired CIA spook (in Oklahoma of all places) who was kind enough...well actually he was paid, to give me some training in electronic counter measures, lock picking and a few other useful skills that would aid me in some of my future en devours.

One evening after a steak dinner someplace he went to pay the tab and was looking for a pen or something in one of his pants pockets and in the process laid out a worn pocket holster with a small automatic resting inside. It turned out to be an equally worn blued Walther TPH (German made) and, having never seen one before I wanted to know more about this Walther PPK someone had left in the dryer.

He told me of a few misadventures surrounding the piece but, it was his parting remark that stuck with me "If you are lucky enough to travel around the world armed and doing it mainly alone do yourself a favor always carry a .22 pistol, regardless of anything else you pack."

It was a piece of advice that…

Gear Review: Pathfinder Water Bottle & Cup

When I was a kid I carried this old school WWII/GI surplus canteen and web belt, the ones wear the canteen pouch was felt lined and the whole thing was khaki. By the time it came my way it was easily forty years old and, it escorted me on every summertime bike and creek adventure, squirrel hunt and, deer hunt of my youth (and more than a couple of my professional adventures as an adult).

There were (and are) a lot of things I liked about it, first I'm a sucker for old school stuff, second it was a metal canteen that sat in a metal cup. As a teenager I was caught up in everything "survival", reading every Tom Brown Jr, Bradford Angier, or Army Survival Manual I could get my hands on. My favorite "trick" so to speak was that I could boil water to purify it in my canteen and drink it in the cup that it was wedged into (do that with a plastic canteen).

Then I grew up and abandoned the old G.I. canteen to the plastic Nalgene bottle trend at the start of this centur…

Do ya get it.

When we woke up this morning, like the rest of you, we learned of movie theater shooting in Aurora by James Holmes. When the report said it was at the premier showing of the Dark Knight Rises, I immediately thought of the above scene and told, The Wife "He wanted to be the Joker. That's the whole motivation behind his attack."

I'll be interested to see if it bears fruit, though it matters not.

I'm a student, as it were, of spree shooters. In my work one has to be a student of many things and, violent people are one of them. There is no mystery to them. In the countless number of profiles I've read most of them didn't "just snap" over some event. Some claim it, without a doubt, but generally they do it because they want to.

On a Monday morning in January 1979, Brenda Ann Spencer, a seventeen year old high school student, opened her bed room window and took aim at a play ground at the elementary school across the street with her .22 rifle and st…

Proper Leverage

Sometimes in the American gun culture there is this all or nothing idea when it comes to being prepared for bad situations; often ignoring the reality of the middle ground in the realm of day to day preparedness.

On one end there is the OCD end-of-the-world-zombie-apocalypse idea that if you haven't squandered your families earnings on MREs, multiple military grade rifles and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo you are, as Chris Rock says, "gonna die".

The flip side of the coin is this weird obsession by the gun market and manufacturers to build uber light weight .380s and 9mms that can only be held onto with two fingers, has a light rail, and no sights (don't want to weigh the gun down you know...'cause there's a light rail).

One could suppose, justly, that my cynicism is leaking through.

Earlier this week I had to escort a client on a protection detail that on a threat assessment chart was medium edging towards high. The information in his care was lit…

Lest we forget

Never will there be a way (here) to memorialize all the men and women who died in sacrifice of this great nation but, there are some who are easily over looked and forgotten.

Simply put here are a few of those many who sacrificed their lives for this great nation and not all of them wore uniforms and in some cases died alone working and gathering the intelligence so that those in uniform could perform. Operation Eagle Claw one of the worst tragedies in the early history of America's Special Operations Forces became the mark of a phoenix rising from it's ashes in which those who sacrificed their lives for mission that never happened help to create to better warriors twenty years later.

We oft forget that those who are in the greatest debt in this great nation is those of us who breathe free air delivered to us by the dead.

Never can we repay such sacrifice nor, valor.

Operation Eagle Claw (April 24th-25th, 1980)

Airmen Major Richard L. Bakke
Major Harold L Lewis Jr…

A place to call home

When the wonder-nine craze kicked off in the 1980s Jeff Cooper infamously nick-named the the DA/SA service pistols "crunchen-tickers" (crunching the trigger on the first shot and ticking on the remaining). While not a inaccurate statement in some respects it was never one I found to really ever matter in as much as capability or accuracy because truth is while I much prefer a 1911 over most else and am more than accurate, I shoot a good friends .40 S&W SiG P229 better than any handgun I've ever owned.

The 9mm/DA/SA fade was also supposed to be someone's (hippies) idea that this was a "safer" pistol because of blah blah blah reasoning. Then came the potential holy-grail of law enforcement guns. The DAO semi-automatic. That which would surely prove to be a good cop gun and "lawyer proof". So in the 1990s the local metropolitan police force began their trek to modernization by rolling over from the traditional Smith & Wesson Model 10s &…

When Fools Rush In

in 1923 out came what is now known as the "canon of journalism". This idea that media would be impartial somehow removing the human factor of the human in their writing and, thus the world of reporting would attain some higher level of importance. Akin to the medical profession's "Do no harm". Sadly to date the only people who actually ever bought into the idea that this actually exists is the journalist themselves.

Not long after the incident he was labeled a "wannabe cop" or, a fat white guy who was basically a crossing guard who wanted to go further than he actually could in life. A right wing "gun nut" as it where.

NBC, the FBI, the DOJ, ATF, the New York Post, CNN all of them attacked a character they assumed him to be with labels such as "Rambo" or "a white guy with aggression issues", generally an all around failure in life. They wanted him painted in a certain light to the public and they got it. The citizenry ma…

EDC: Fail is Obsolete

The first time I ever flew in a private jet was when the crew had to take it up for an emergency maneuverability test. Sadly there was no barrel roll but, the hard banking several thousand feet up left every roller coaster I've ridden before or since in the dust.

On board was the Maintenance Chief (USAF-Retired) and I missed no opportunity to pick his brain on the topic of all things jets.

"A plane is like being in love with a crazy woman. If you don't keep your eye on her and love her she'll either mess around on you or kill you." 

Comforting words at fifteen thousand feet to be sure.

So I asked him what crashed most planes. "Either the Pilot making a bad call on the weather or lack of good maintenance....somebody starts cutting corners and lives are lost."

And there it is.

Life is dependent upon good or bad judgement calls and, how well your gear is maintained. Amongst us civilians who carry gear of one lethal sort or another on a daily basis we ha…

Duds: Apply here

I want your duds.

Actually and specifically I want you to record and track the number of dud .22 LR and .22 Magnum ammo you shoot and encounter this year. Rifle or pistol doesn't matter.

Yep a whole year.

Come March 1, 2013 I'd like to start getting reports in from you. No matter where you are in the world.

Not complicated, just keep a log of the date of the misfire, the manufacturer, the lot number from the side of the ammo box, the firearm you were using and maybe the temperature. If you encounter multiple misfires from a box that's fine (though you might want to check your hammer spring while you are at it).

It would also be wise to include the number of duds encountered from each range session with the amount you fired. This can look something like:

Number of rounds taken to range: 100
Number of rounds fired: 97
Number of mis-fires encountered: 3

I've begun a case study on the .22 in self-defense situations and while yes we all know that it's far from the pe…

Dark Arts for Good Guys: The Right to Knife pt II

Everything about fighting starts inside your head.

Gun, knife, or hands. It makes no difference.

The response that begins in your head flows to your hands. That response is strongly aided in micro-planning, or rather the ability to deal and confront in immediate fashion because you have previously trained to do so.

Translation: In the eternity of a whole second a defensive resolution has to be formulated in your head and reproduced at your hands. After that your ability to overcome is dependent upon your ability to reduce the attacker's rate of survival in their encounter with you. This equates to liquidating their body of blood or stopping the transmission of signals from their brain to the appendages.

Damage has to be significant enough to encourage them to break off the attack, lose consciousness, or the use of the arms and/or legs....and it has to be done quickly.

Because in an encounter with violent humans it is generally a hands/brain combination that is your…