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So its the morning after the New Hampshire Primaries and I choose not to debase myself with name calling, but New Hampshire come on!

All great nations, empires, and the like fall at some point, and while I hate to say it I think our reign is almost over. It wouldn't have to be mind you, but frankly when a nation sticks diodes in its ears to listen the personal choice of music and misses the hum of a nation we lose ground every day. When the top stories of the week on yahoo are whether Britney wore panties, or which celebs top the worst dressed list it proves our heads are willfully stuck up our asses. And it heavies and hardens my heart.

In the fall of 2010 I will turn 35 and by 2012 I will be 37 making me old enough to make a run for President.

No name calling...none. I won't even talk about the other candidates. Rather I will talk about what I will and won't do. If I get asked a question and I don't have a plan for it I'll say exactly that.What I do want is to get …