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Dark Arts for Good Guys: Drive Like You Mean It

Somethings in life that you just don't mix. Drinking and Driving, Free-Style Swimming and Great White Sharks, and Shooting and Driving.
Hollywood has made much out the driving and shooting scenes in the action flicks. Automatic weapon fire, Good Guys and bad guys leaning out the window slinging lead.
There is nothing naturally inherent about driving a car. It is a learned skill. Just like shooting.
And if you are in the drivers seat you bear one responsibility. Driving.Whether you trying to escape from a hostile crooked government or a gang of armed kidnappers, time and distance are your current best friends. The greater the distance from the “Kill Zone” the longer your life expectancy increases. The problem of course can be compounded if the “Kill Zone” is also mobile.
If distance is your friend, speed and maneuverability are its kissing cousins. Mashing the pedal to the floor and reaming out tachometer may increase your speed, but there is also a likelihood of losing control of …