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Just a thought

The Chosen one has recently said that he is going to propose and a permanent Assault Weapons Ban in part to stop the influx of weapons being smuggled into Mexico.

ITEM-Yes there is a gun smuggling problem on the border. However what the news media and Big Brother is not telling you is that these weapons going into Mexico are almost ALL military grade weapons. AND they are coming in from China, South America and the being stolen off of American Military Bases.Guns are arriving more so in tankers into Mexican ports than they are from pick up trucks in Tijuana. But this wouldn't aid the Gun Control Groups in the U.S.
You are being sold a very convenient sleight of hand.

ITEM Guns are illegal in Mexico so why is there a problem??? I mean it gun control works. Right???

ITEM Miltary Grade weapons also meaning rocket launchers. Bass Pro does not carry these. Nor do I know of any of my gun owning buds having any of these...cause they are illegal to own.

ITEM No one seems to care that Mexican…

Bury your dead

Live long enough and you will bury friends.

The news of their passing will finding you in the most casual of places. A phone call in the middle of a sporting goods store, late in the evening at home thinking about tomorrow's work or petting the dog, or like today driving in your car.

The phone rang an out of state number I didn't know and when I answered I was met with a young woman's voice "Is this Bohdi?" and right then and there I knew what had happened. Only about three people in the world call me that, and none of them were women. No one has called me "Bohdi" in a long time, and in a sense it's from another life.

That nick name was given to me by a good friend of mine named Jay, whom I met when I went through Executive Protection training years ago. Fetch as he was called was a twenty something SEAL (and Buddhist) when I met him. The real deal. Maybe it sounds trite, but to a then 21 year old wet behind the ears kid, here was a warrior god befo…