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Why it does not matter

I got in a conversation last night with a couple of guys. The guy I didn't know had just bought a mid-size Glock .40. The guy I knew said Glock's were waaaay over rated and he wouldn't own one. At the time he said this I was handling the new Glock. I looked at him and said "really?" feigning stupification. He gave a smug "ppppf yeah."

So I asked if I could shoot him with it.

He declined.

I mean if its a waaay over rated gun it shouldn't hurt him then right.

A year or so ago a younger buddy of mine decided to purchase his first handgun. He decidedly said he needed an H&K USP compact. When I asked him why he said "that's what Jack Bauer carries."

blink blink

Now the funny thing is alot of us roll our eyes, but we have to give anti-gun hollywood some credit to selling guns. One of my first guns lusts ever was the Beretta 92. Because in the 1980s this was the gun of Martin Riggs and John McClain (Lethal Weapon and Die Hard). Elmer Keith ma…

Keeping your CCW options open II

As somewhat previously stated the additional advantage of the ASP is that is can go where firearms can not. A couple years ago I escorted a client over seas into Dubai, then Pakistan, followed by India. Our initial plan was to stay in Karachi for a week and I had begun talking with their Embassy in Chicago in regards to obtaining a permit to carry a firearm. Then I discovered that India wouldn't allow me to come in country with anything larger than a .380 (guess who didn't have a .380 then but does now), and the paper work for India should have been started six months earlier I was informed.

The situation then changed again we would only be in Pakistan for 24 hours before going into India. In a week I went from planning on carrying two handgun to no handguns and was left with few options.

So I went with a 21 inch (extended) ASP Airweight and a 7 inch fixed blade fight knife,a CRKT Hissatsu in desert tan.

Why desert tan and not black? Two reasons. The first: if you are going t…

Keeping you CCW options open

Carry a weapon ..ala..a CCW long enough and you'll build up some bad habits, or worse start out with them. The two most common bad habits I see with new Conceal Carriers is

1. Not carrying with a round in the chamber and ready to go. I hear the same thing every time "I figure I'll have time to rack the slide."
2.Not carrying a full spare reload. "welllll" they'll say "according to the statistics blah blah blah."

Ironically the first bad habit tends to go away as the CCW holder begins to carry more frequently and becomes more comfortable. But as for number 2 I can only say remember what Mark Twain said about statistics "Lies! Damn Lies!"

But I digress.

One of the biggest and most often overlooked issues taught in CCW classes is that of the of Force Continuum and how the use and carry of non-firearm related defense tools could one day save you in the court room. (you get to suffer from reading me prepare for an up coming court c…

Five for Sure II

But the five shot .38 Special isn't without its flaws.

Save Jerry Miculek and a few others, the the revolver is slow to reload in comparison to that of slapping in a fresh magazine of a pistol.

The very chopped barrel of the gun slows bullet velocity down to where even loaded with the latest and greatest of +P loads there is no guarantee that a hollow point will expand. The short sight radius can make it difficult to hit with when a shooter doesn't put in the range time and trigger time.

It is in my humble opinion one of the most mis-sold firearms out there. Often enough the snub nosed .38 is sold to people who want to have only "one" gun for their house or for the wife to "stick in her purse". While I disagree with the thought that its an "experts" gun I do think it is a poor choice for a non gun enthusiast.

In a world of plastic 19+1 9mms and 14+1 .45 acp pistols the five shot revolver is the derringer of the day. Albeit with good triggers and fine …

Five for sure

Some years ago I was working a client and we were jogging down South Beach in Miami one fine morning and we were chatting back and forth about my line of work when he stopped and said "why aren't you carrying a gun?" I replied that I was in fact carrying a snub nose .38 (see above), a full set up reloads and a Benchmade folding knife. Given the fact that all I had on was tennis shoes and black swimming trunks with my t-shirt tied around my waist I could see he had doubts. So we trotted around the back of a store and I showed him that I was wearing thunder wear ala a crotch holster. He laughed and appreciated my thoroughness as well as my preparedness.

When I was at the ripe old age of 22 I attended a three day shooting seminar with one day being covered by Bert Duvernay who was then director Smith & Wesson shooting Academy. As we all gathered on the range and belted on guns and magazine pouches I noticed the instructor had something different than the rest of us…