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Primary concerns

I came across this quote today.

"While there is some concern of overpenetration with a handgun cartridge, your primary concern should be that your defensive round of choice will have sufficient penetration to reach vital organs and cause incapacitating blood loss in an attacker."

On the surface the statement is clearly logical enough, provided we remove one aspect of it.

"... your primary concern should be ...."

Lest you ever find yourself in a lethal use of force encounter...or potential lethal use of force encounter, sufficient penetration of your ammo is far from the primary concern.

Your primary concern is to make sure that what you are seeing is in fact accurate, ala use exemplary judgement.

And I mean it. THAT is your primary concern.

"Hold on a minute" you're thinking.

"If I'm startled from my sleep in the middle of the night to someone breaking into my house I need to win that fight short and quick.".

Of which I would concur wi…

Gear Review: The Pathfinder School Canteen Cooking Set

A Client once told me that I have a maddening level of patience. Which I don't necessarily think is true but, you spend enough time in the back of a SUV running surveillance or waiting for hours on end standing behind a Client at a blackjack table in Vegas you learn the fine art of being.

Back in late Spring, the folks over at Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder Store sent me one of their complete Canteen Cooking sets, asking to give it a test and see what I thought. I am relatively certain it was a bit maddening for them in this sense of immediacy world we live in. Because, most gear reviews I've seen are largely based on the unboxing of a new piece of gear and saying "I'll probably use it for .....". I like being able to write that I've you know...used it.

Ironically enough last October when I was in the desert of the U.S./Mexican border running a surveillance operation I thought alot about water. And I was kind of surprised no one had really brought out a st…