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Cylindrical solutions and the ageless gap

In my late teens I narrowly avoided an assault while out on a solo hike. Being armed on that quiet sun lit day, changed those circumstances .

Shooting Illustrated how-a-black-powder-revolver-saved-my-life

The Fifty dollar Colt

I'd never realized how thick the curtain was that separated the cockpit from the passenger area on the Dassault Falcon. When the pilot pulled it back to go use the head, the early morning sun seared my eyes till light was the only thing you could see. Had Jesus suddenly appeared inside the airplane I wouldn't have been surprised. So bright the light of the morning sun. The curtain closed and the darkness once more enveloped us.
Trying to settle back to sleep was no use, the raw sunlight had proved to be the ultimate alarm clock, albeit after being awake since Friday and, it now Sunday morning, it was the most unwelcome of all alarm clocks. Checking my chronograph, it was in the 7:30s. Trying to calculate when we had left Las Vegas I had us somewhere over Colorado, or possibly Kansas.
I looked around the darkened interior of the private jet and could make the outline of my Principal on one couch, his executive assistant on the other. I fished around for my Surefire 6P flashlig…