Monday, April 4, 2011

There use to be civility and manners in civilization. Today we have "tolerance" which is nothing more than narrow minded insistence.


Dedicated_Dad said...

"There use to be civility and manners in civilization..."

Further, we used to enforce them OURSELVES.

If a man stepped out of line, another man would (usually) politely ask him to stop -- and punch him in the mouth if need be to ensure the lesson was learned.

If I acted up at the neighbor's house as a child, The neighbor would bust my @$$ -- and if my Father found out about it he'd bust it AGAIN because the neighbor had to!

G*D FORBID a TEACHER whupped me - because Dad probably would have beaten me to DEATH!

Note: I DO NOT think "beating" kids is acceptable, but SPANKING is, and my kids proved that if they KNOW it is coming, they'll stop before it does!!

I never HAD to spank my kids because I never broke a promise of ANY kind, so a promise to spank them if they repeated an undesirable behavior was enough to make them stop!

And yes -- this IS relevant because all of these disgusting "adults" are of the generations who never learned to respect/fear their parents!

The BIGGEST problem we have today is that NOBODY is afraid of getting smacked in the mouth any more!

"... Today we have "tolerance" which is nothing more than narrow minded insistence..."

It's much worse than that...

It's the twisted ideology that says cursing in front of women and children is OK - and anyone who would say different has committed the MORTAL SIN of "intolerance."

It's the sick mentality that says the most disgusting ghetto-style doggerel is "music" - and if you don't want to be ear-raped and forced to listen to it, (or worse yet have your KIDS be forced to listen) you've committed the MORTAL SIN of "intolerance."

It's the demonic claim that one man buggering another is "normal" and that their pseudo-monogamy is equivalent to MARRIAGE.

In short, The Enemy has made it their mission to utterly destroy not only our societal mores, but our entire CULTURE - and with it our Families and thus our CHILDREN!

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!

Walking said...

Civility is more than just about respecting others. It's about respecting yourself and having the honor and the moral fiber to admit when you're wrong and apologize sincerely. It's about saying please and thank you and being appreciative of hospitality or generosity.

Tolerance is exactly that. We tolerate ignorance, we tolerate disrespect, we tolerate not having enough of a command of the English language to be a successfully contribute to society. We have to be tolerant, and so when we see truly aberrant behavior that is dangerous and/or truly offensive, we say nothing because it wouldn't be tolerant.
I agree with some of the things the previous commenter said, not everything, but a healthy portion.

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