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Screw Luck

It's odd that man's oldest tool, the knife, is regulated to bastard status in self-defense.It's focus for study is often seen as after the fact, or in addition to. Yet it is the easiest to obtain, to smuggle and in some cases deploy.

As the saying goes "The man with a knife has a chance. The man with no knife has no chance"....and that goes for the ladies as well.

So get ready to get bloody, get low down and world class &$*#)%# mean.

The Dark Arts for Good Guys series is returning with a few articles on edged weapons of all shapes and sizes.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to reading them!
Anonymous said…
I was wondering if "Dark Arts for Good Guys: Non Permissive Enviroment Part II" had ever been published. I can't seem to find it if it has, and I confess it's one reason I keep coming back! Thanks for continuing this insightful series of articles.
Roadkill said…
Excellent. Never enough knife blogging. Look forward to reading your series.
Anonymous said…
Yahoo! Oughta be good!
Linoge said…
W00t. My knife knowledge is strictly limited to "utilitarian tool" aspects... information about self-defense applications (and training in the same, once I find it locally) would definitely be useful :).
Matthew said…
To Anonymous on "non permissive environment part II":

Will there ever be a part II....ah the question that has been trolling in my mind for almost two years and every time I login to write.

From one aspect I think, there is a sincere need to write this. Especially after Ray Davis was briefly sidelined and abandoned temporarily. He had diplomatic status and frankly "we" should have rolled right up and pulled him out, but that doesn't answer your question.

So at this point (sigh) No. It's not going to be written. Despite it's value there is such a significant risk in writing it that it could cause more harm than good. Something I have to consider.

The other reason is somewhat selfish. For the last six months I've been sketching out and loosely drafting a "fictional" memoir as it were to be published on our first year in the war on terror after 9/11. In it would be the whole context of NPE. There is a covert war story that needs to be told and hopefully I can tell it right.

I thank you truly for coming back and reading this little blog time and time again.
Anonymous said…
A couple of friends(one's a Class II mfg and I are ramping up to build canes guns. Proof of concept will be in .22cal. Then hopefully on to something more efficient.
Spatchcock said…
[Re: non permissive environments]

Thanks for writing Part I and for considering a Part II. If your fictionalized memoir ever comes to print, I'll definitely be buying a copy.

In the mean time, I look forward to other "Dark Arts for Good Guys" posts. It's definitely a body of knowledge that people would like to see more of but don't have too many outlets for.

Again, thanks for writing.
Spatchcock said…
[Re: non permissive environments] I was the anonymous poster earlier, by the way; I should have signed in.
Lila said…
I look forward to the series. I have taken to carrying my knife lately and am always looking for great info plus from a writer's standpoint I love the way you write!