Monday, October 20, 2014

Taking Stock

As part of the general M.O. here I generally don't do the hyper-link-go-see-this-website but, I thought this was actually worth it. Your mileage may vary of course depending on your nutritional needs....needs...not wants.

Remember something like this can work for the SHTF as much as it can being without work for a long time and needing to feed your family, or even yourself. I say that because my first year of self-employment (back in 2002), this would have been worth doing.

How to create a food storage supply for five dollars a week


Dan said...

While it's always good to get started prepping we have reached the point where one should do more if possible as there simply might not be 52 weeks of freedom to prep left. So far we have dodged the Ebola bullet....but as long as people continue to get on planes in Africa and come here the risk of a pandemic requiring smart people to hole up in their homes for weeks or months is still very real. And that is not counting all the other things that could upset the economic apple cart....both real and created for political reasons.

Anonymous said...

It seems a very bland diet so I'd highly recommend jars of spices or spice mixes (or better yet, learn to blend your own). A half teaspoon in a portion of rice can make the meal much more palatable.

Dried or preserved fruit to prevent constipation is a must.

You will need a grain grinder (non electric) if you are going to store grains otherwise it will be virtually inedible unless you are going to boil it into a porridge.

This list might stimulate thought :

Phil B

Matthew said...

I'm inclined to agree with you both.

And we have our own preparations going on here to which I think the list would help assist in.

But if gets people who are unprepared into getting prepared then all the better.

Phil B, that is a spot on thought about the fruit.

Dan said...

Plenty of fiber in beans also....but yes, a diet high in processed, dehydrated etc. food can upset the digestive balance.
Canned vegetables last for decades if kept temp. stable and have plenty of fiber also. Lots of ways to balance the diet.

Most places in the US will allow for at least SOME type of fruit tree to flourish. If one does not have one already get one suited for your climate from a nursery...or several and get them planted, the dwarf variety work well for backyard food production. The products can be canned, frozen or dried.

Anonymous said...

My advice regarding spices etc. is based on actual, real life observation. I was in the Army and sent to the far east for training. A lot of the men refused to eat rige and literally gagged when forced to eat it. The western diet makes such food unpalatable if you are not used to it. The spices and flavourings make it more acceptable (think the savoury rice packets that you buy). Rice is cheap, provides plenty of energy and economical but if people won't eat it ... !

If you are going to prepare then the Hesperian organisation has several books that are essential - Where there is no doctor and Where there is no dentist are two must haves (you can download them chapter by chapter here:

They are aimed at ordinary people with no medical training and take you through the majority of the diseases that will get you killed if untreated. Both are highly recommended.

Two other basic but essential ones are :

Sanitation and Cleanliness
Water for Life

If you aren't going to read and practice what they advise now, at least print them out and store them - when TSHTF and there is no electricity, your computer hard drive will make a very effective paperweight but the information on it will not be retrievable.

It's the basics that will get you killed and your preparation supplies will be used by others. Something to bear in mind ... >};o)

Phil B

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