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Out Of Stock

For some of you this will come as a shock, for others you will simply nod your head in frustration. But there is an ammo shortage in America. I don't mean kinda or a little I mean there is non to be had. A couple of months ago it was starting. Mainly it came right after hours (not kidding) of Obama winning the election. 223 Winchester (aka 5.56) ammo flew off retail shelves of stores and online warehouses in cases. When I say a case of ammo I mean 1,000 rounds. Over night the panic started. It has now spread to every kind of ammo, handgun and rifle for every manufacturer. A box or two of ammo can be found here and there, but even .22 ammo is going faster than you can read.

You think I am exaggerating. Let me put it this way. Think of having to get up two hours early to go to the gas station to get five gallons of fuel and then pay $7.00 a gallon.

Friends of mind have been reporting that some firearms retailers are actually breaking down boxes of ammo and selling them in bags of twenty five for handguns. Every on line retailer I have looked at all across the country is out of stock and showing the end of May as the earliest restocking.

Tonight I went into the local Wally World near me thinking that maybe it might be an untapped honey hole.

It looked like a super market before a blizzard. Nothing was there. .25 acp was fine, there was one box of .357 Magnum, where under normal circumstances there should have been ten and probably another fifty boxes in the store room. One.

9mm-none .45acp-none-.380 acp none and on and on.

But your thinking yeah but that is handgun ammo,

There was no .30-30 ammo either. For you unaware creatures outside the gun world. Think cowboy lever action rifle, the great american deer gun. Nor any other deer catridge.

I bought a couple boxes of .22 LR hollow points and thought "should I buy all of it?"

Then I decided to drive to another Wally World. I barely fared any better. Two remaining boxes of .45 automatic sat on otherwise barren shelves. I bought them.

I have lots of theories as to why, none of them complicated. But I will tell you this much. I walked out of those stores spooked.

Like really really really spooked.

I hope this is over reaction on the part of a nation of gun owners, and not the foreshadowing of something much darker.


Anonymous said…
What kind of pistol is that in the photo?