Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a thought

The Chosen one has recently said that he is going to propose and a permanent Assault Weapons Ban in part to stop the influx of weapons being smuggled into Mexico.

ITEM-Yes there is a gun smuggling problem on the border. However what the news media and Big Brother is not telling you is that these weapons going into Mexico are almost ALL military grade weapons. AND they are coming in from China, South America and the being stolen off of American Military Bases.Guns are arriving more so in tankers into Mexican ports than they are from pick up trucks in Tijuana. But this wouldn't aid the Gun Control Groups in the U.S.
You are being sold a very convenient sleight of hand.

ITEM Guns are illegal in Mexico so why is there a problem??? I mean it gun control works. Right???

ITEM Miltary Grade weapons also meaning rocket launchers. Bass Pro does not carry these. Nor do I know of any of my gun owning buds having any of these...cause they are illegal to own.

ITEM No one seems to care that Mexicans are smuggling themselves into America (which constitutes and invasion by foreign nationals by the way). Why should I care about guns going into Mexico.

This is literally an international weapons smuggling problem that is centered around drugs and arms.

ITEM IF and this is the one no one want to talk about. IF someone would shut down the (*&(^&*^ Border this would be a NON issue. Put the Military on the border with shoot to kill orders, support the Border Patrol and dig a very deep and wide trench. Illegal immigration into the U.S. and Illegal Arms smuggling into Mexico from our side would stop. But as I am told this is a very complicated problem, that I can't understand. Right.


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