Monday, January 28, 2013

New Series: Securing your Six

If everything goes accordingly at some point this week I'll be launching a new series of articles as previously mentioned, that is essentially a guide to "being your own bodyguard". It is not written in the vein of being FOR people in the Executive Protection game and, therefore not intended to be read as a primer on " learn how to be and then get paid". Though I suspect one could gain insight to be of aid.

Unlike the 'Dark Arts for Good Guys' series that focused on extracting oneself from extraordinary circumstances or the blatant measures of life saving violence against an aggressor; 'Securing your Six' is about everyday application that improves your ability to contend with the world. To the point that in some instances you can alter or atleast attempt to alter a lethal situation without ever firing a shot, not because of some magic verbal judo but because you were smart ahead of time.

I read a tagline once in a gun magazine where the author said ineffect "whether you have to pull your gun and use it or simply have to pull your gun YOUR LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVER!". While it could be true I suppose such idioms can overstate or hyper-inflate a person emotionally that may make them weaker later. I also suspect this comes from a generation of stupid statements that were in the same line up of "a woman likes to see a man cry"....which isn't true and you should stop but, I am not in that business so we'll carry forth with the topics at large.

The one thing that matters in the profession of guarding people for money is that details account for more wins than any caliber of gun ever carried. So that is what the focus is going to be on, with the idea of YOU being a comprehensive security person for your tribe...whatever that looks like.

Here is my parting advice for it, if even necessary, don't compare it to the Dark Arts series as you go through reading it. Rather think of it as if the Dark Arts for Good guys series was a tool it would be a hammer that applies force to do its job. Whereas Securing your Six is more akin to a chisel that removes, sculpts, and refines that which is underneath.

Both are needed and neither can effectively do the job without the other.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of Wolves, Children, and Dogs

Imagine for a moment that wolves were a pervasive problem across the country.

We were left with contending at any given moment a solitary wolf slipping into the school yard, play ground, or birthday party and attacking children. The public out cry began to build and the government in all of it's infinite wisdom decided it should step in.

After much conferring with people who knew nothing about wolves and had never seen a wolf decided that the only real answer was to not risk another child's life. From the Senate to the White House a solution was provided.

Every domestic dog that weighed over 25lbs was to be rounded up and slaughtered.

Dog owners and lovers became enraged "our dogs are not wolves", yet the Government responded "we have talked with experts and have concluded that since dogs are all descendents from the wolf we can not afford, for the sake of the children, to risk what we see as ticking time bombs in our homes. We feel that every dog lover can be reasonable and accept that dogs 25lb and under can keep the average dog lover happy".

The public pointed back "but what are you going to do about the wolves coming out from the woods and attacking our children?"

Of course such a question could not be effectively answered because wolves are wild and one does not know where they all live.

Dogs on the other hand live in homes and have rabies tags and there are records where they live.

Such is the philosophy of gun control.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How we are going to be safer.

Gun Control is often very hard for us to understand because we are not members of the intellectual elite. Therefore I decided to cut through the confusion of "big words" and use this picture to illustrate the forth coming peaceful utopia America will be experiencing in the near future.

Straight Forward in a Crooked World gun control explained
Gun Control Explained Straight Forward in a Crooked World


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