Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It is worth noting, if the feces does ever hit the impeller that is your life. Be a wasp in the world of bees.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm still here

Next year somebody remind me that I don't ever dig writing in late winter.

There are a litany of excuses of course.

Work (I never get THAT busy in February....then I did), a Federal case (as an expert witness not a defendant than you very much), then there was a concussion at one point. But, largely the overall power, ability, and desire to write just left.

Then I lost my outline for all of this "securing your six" business, I think it got tossed into the fireplace during a "purge" so-to-speak.

Anyway the drafting process has begun and I'm back on track to get on this again and looking forward to it (run on sentences, over use of commas, elipsisisis and all).

ps to the dude who keeps trying to use the comments section to advertise his Canadian hunting trips. Either set me up on a bear, or a moose (no muskox) hunt and I'll write up the whole thing for you or ...or get your own blog. You may also not want to write in format that rivals Russian soldier speak bad english in cold war movie, dah?


Anyway. Not dead, not retired, and back to the wordsmithing soon.

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