Sunday, February 12, 2012

Duds: Apply here

I want your duds.

Actually and specifically I want you to record and track the number of dud .22 LR and .22 Magnum ammo you shoot and encounter this year. Rifle or pistol doesn't matter.

Yep a whole year.

Come March 1, 2013 I'd like to start getting reports in from you. No matter where you are in the world.

Not complicated, just keep a log of the date of the misfire, the manufacturer, the lot number from the side of the ammo box, the firearm you were using and maybe the temperature. If you encounter multiple misfires from a box that's fine (though you might want to check your hammer spring while you are at it).

It would also be wise to include the number of duds encountered from each range session with the amount you fired. This can look something like:

Number of rounds taken to range: 100
Number of rounds fired: 97
Number of mis-fires encountered: 3

I've begun a case study on the .22 in self-defense situations and while yes we all know that it's far from the perfect round you must also remember that in some places people rely on it for their life more than you think for bad situations. Trust me.

Now before you launch into why the .22 rimfire is this or that let me hold you up a moment. What I am looking for is mentioned above not a tirade for or against.

Look at it this way. You now have a perfectly good excuse to pack up your .22 and shoot more this year. If someone complains that you are shooting more than usual or you are spending too much time on the range you can smugly look at them and say "it's part of non-for profit international research."


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