Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Fools Rush In

in 1923 out came what is now known as the "canon of journalism". This idea that media would be impartial somehow removing the human factor of the human in their writing and, thus the world of reporting would attain some higher level of importance. Akin to the medical profession's "Do no harm". Sadly to date the only people who actually ever bought into the idea that this actually exists is the journalist themselves.

Not long after the incident he was labeled a "wannabe cop" or, a fat white guy who was basically a crossing guard who wanted to go further than he actually could in life. A right wing "gun nut" as it where.

NBC, the FBI, the DOJ, ATF, the New York Post, CNN all of them attacked a character they assumed him to be with labels such as "Rambo" or "a white guy with aggression issues", generally an all around failure in life. They wanted him painted in a certain light to the public and they got it. The citizenry marched on him, called in death threats against him and, crucified him day in and day out.... all without trial. Perhaps the quote that surmised his fate was best said by the evening news anchor

"The speculation is that the FBI is close to making the case. They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well. There are still some holes in this case"

And that was essentially that.

Case closed. Now if only someone would execute the fat son of a bitch there would be justice.

But, then came the problem. He was innocent, worse yet he was actually responsible for alerting the police and saving lives.

His name was Richard Jewell.

And in 1996 when a bomb went off in Olympic Park killing one lady named, Alice Hawthorne and, wounding one hundred and eleven more a nation rallied at heartbeat pace for lynch mob justice. Had they been given reign they would have killed a innocent man.

Did George Zimmer shoot and kill Treyvon Martin?

Yes he did.

Has a nation been fired up once again on hyperbole?

Yes it has.

A gun going off and a youth killed, a murderer does not make. We must stand upon facts.

Facts damn it.

And then if need be a jury of twelve.

Nothing else.


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