Dark Arts for Good Guys

Brought to you in chronological order

Series Introduction


Bribery Part II

Fight & Flight

Fight & Flight Part II

Flight Plan

Where there's Smoke

When no one is coming

Break on through to the other side

Non Permissive Enviroment

Think Fast!

Drive like you mean it

The Right to Knife

The Right to Knife Part II

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs! Alas, here in the police state (Australia) they've long since disarmed the population, and our rights are eroded away on a daily basis in the name of war against terror, or against the outlaw bikie gangs etc.. Ppl should be rioting in the streets, but instead, they just bend over and let the powers stick it to them. Nonetheless, the philosophy and principles are valid, I for one wouldn't be cowering in the corner while some asshole was robbing my house! He would meet my friend, Tyre Lever as it smashed his kneecaps and collar bones... Keep up the great work Mathew! Cheers! Tim

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