Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of Wolves, Children, and Dogs

Imagine for a moment that wolves were a pervasive problem across the country.

We were left with contending at any given moment a solitary wolf slipping into the school yard, play ground, or birthday party and attacking children. The public out cry began to build and the government in all of it's infinite wisdom decided it should step in.

After much conferring with people who knew nothing about wolves and had never seen a wolf decided that the only real answer was to not risk another child's life. From the Senate to the White House a solution was provided.

Every domestic dog that weighed over 25lbs was to be rounded up and slaughtered.

Dog owners and lovers became enraged "our dogs are not wolves", yet the Government responded "we have talked with experts and have concluded that since dogs are all descendents from the wolf we can not afford, for the sake of the children, to risk what we see as ticking time bombs in our homes. We feel that every dog lover can be reasonable and accept that dogs 25lb and under can keep the average dog lover happy".

The public pointed back "but what are you going to do about the wolves coming out from the woods and attacking our children?"

Of course such a question could not be effectively answered because wolves are wild and one does not know where they all live.

Dogs on the other hand live in homes and have rabies tags and there are records where they live.

Such is the philosophy of gun control.


Alan said...

Assault Chihuahua.

Shane W said...

Excellent analogy

Eck! said...

I took a liberty to post a pointer back to this as its a winner.

Its over at:


BobG said...

And don't forget that some of the larger dogs were bred to protect people and property from wolves.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

I bet they would also put up an 8 inch fence around school grounds and say they were safe.

Kirk Parker said...

"I bet they would also put up an 8 inch fence around school grounds and say they were safe. "

Nah, just a few signs around the perimeter telling the wolves they weren't welcome.

Anonymous said...

Just need to setup wolf free zones. That will solve the problem.

aczarnowski said...

As a dog, and gun owner, this hits right in the gut. Well done.

Alien said...

Along the same lines, the left is so opposed to CCW for much the same reason:

They know when wolves attack the flock, because they find a dead sheep. They cannot tell when a sheepdog has protected the flock from wolves, because they see no change - all the sheep are just as they were.

They see wolves have four legs and teeth, and know they kill sheep; the see sheepdogs also have four legs and teeth, and assume because of the similarities, wolves and sheepdogs have similar natures, and that sheepdogs may kill sheep...someday.

So, sheepdogs are to be treated exactly the same as wolves. Unfortunately, whenever "violent and protective" is banned, all that is left is "violent and predatory."

Secret Squirrel said...

Reflexive "It's nobody's business where my dog lives!" comment.

Bakersfield Photographer said...

Excellent correspondence. Thanks for differentiating them. They were both totally different, dogs were good as pets.

Shalimar said...

Very good comparison and exhibit of how totally moronic "gun control" is when sheeple want it for safety.

However.. it does not touch the evil reality that it is not about safety.. but control and confiscation to have greater control.

I applaud your piece though and appreciate the effort put forth to show the lack of common sense and logic.

Just Stop said...

Absolutely brilliant.

Charles Fosbrook said...

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All the best,

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this post.
Wow - you nailed it.

Alien's comment is right up there also.

- Charlie

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