Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So there are posts in the works (I swear). Life, like always is never dull around here and time is always precious and has to be prioritized.

I've got a rough post etched out on my time down on the Arizona/Mexican border back in October. There's a sit down with a local journalist discussing work as well (so we shall see).

The next installment on here should be regarding a piece of (ahem) "tactical clothing" that doesn't look remotely tactical in the much overly-misused-sense-of-the-word.

There is also a small transition in specific articles coming probably starting mid-winter aimed at personal protection written from two perspectives. One from a work stand point for some of you other professionals out there who share the same line of work (or are considering as a career path). The other is taking some of those personal protection techniques of what the layman calls "bodyguarding" and the rest of refer to as "EP" or "Executive Protection" and how all of us can apply strong defensive roles to our domestic life.

I think for the immediate future the "Dark Arts for Good Guys" is wrapped up. There maybe the odd and occasional post in the next year or two but, I'm looking forward to these new series.

That said, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas forth coming.


DaddyBear said...

Looking forward to them.

BobG said...

Will be watching for them; I have been enjoying all the posts on Dark Arts, and will be interested in the series about personal protection.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Well worth the wait.

The WatchCat said...

Didn't you still have a "Dark Arts" post to write about specific strategies that women can use to get out of bad situations in foreign countries? Would still love to read that!

Scott said...

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for all your informative posts. I'd be very curious to hear your perspective on the recent shootings (mall and school), regarding personal protection, public safety, and the likely increased restrictions on personal firearms freedom soon to come.


Anonymous said...

Hope you will write non-permissive environment part II though!

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