Monday, April 27, 2015

If I may offer some advice....

I get inundated with "security advice" questions all the time in life. Riot breaks out somewhere, the emails and phone calls come in. Spree shooter sets about murdering as many people as he possibly can, the emails and phone calls come in. A bad guy goes an...well you get the picture.

There's always this string of questions. What caliber? What plan? What tactic? What bag should I EDC (every day carry) and what gear should I EDC in my EDC bag?

Questions, questions, questions.

Allow me to answer in brevity that is devoid of any sarcasm and is the most sincerest answer I know to give.

When the wolf comes to kill don't worry about the sheep, don't worry what kind of dog you may be or may not be. Don't worry about getting killed, don't worry about the aftermath, don't worry...about anything.


Make a decision to stop the wolf and then go stop him.

Stop him where he stands by whatever means necessary and don't do it with kindness, don't do it with anger, do it with sincere an solid intent that he will never stand again.

We live in a very modern age but the bad men of the world are very old in their ways and desire. And for old problems new answers are rarely the solution.

You stop a bad man by making a decision. That decision is all that will matter until the future of everything being over arrives. Give no yield, no quarter, no pause. Do nothing less than be victorious. There is no shortage of bad men in the world and there will never be a shortage of such men. But they, the creatures that go bump in the night, the wolves at the door, are thwarted by decision and decisive action.

It's not caliber, capacity, polymer nor steel that overcomes the evil of this world but rather bravery.

Be brave. Be Brave. Be Brave.

Oregon school shooting stopped by teacher Todd Rispler


Unknown said...


Make a decision to stop the wolf and then go stop him."

Usually the last thing he expects . . .

chuck brick said...

That's probably the most meaningful answer ever given, regardless of subject.
Thank you.

MrGarabaldi said...

Thank you...I followed this link from DaddyBear and shamelessly clipped this from you and posted this on my blog....and I gave you the "Props"...Very good article

you can see at It will go up around 7:00 A.M according to the scheduler.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the best writers in the blogosphere and probably in the top three in the gunbloggerverse.

Many of us miss your writing and your genius that goes with it.


#Do #Matthewallen

rremington said...


A Principal to live by.

Mike W. said...

Be decisive. Great life advice, and not just for the context in which it was written.

Great post as usual Mr. Allen :)

Mike W.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice.

Now please take my excellent advice: Write more. You have experience and you have a gift of being able to write---thanks.


Anonymous said...

Very good

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see you are still around. Thank you for the post - I am spreading it for sure.

Anonymous said... analysis of Garland shooting and the skill and bravery of the officer.

Dan said...

"most men aren't willing, they bat an eye, or draw a breath before they shoot. I won't."
John Bernard Books.

Hesitation is the leading cause of failure.

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