Thursday, October 2, 2008


This bumper sticker continually pisses me off. For one central reason. The Crecent moon and star are representive of Islam and the Muslim religion. So lets see how it breaks down.

next is the peace symbol...the religion of Islam is not one of peace as their religious leaders often issue jihads against well lets see the following symbols.


Therefore you can not peaceable coexist with when one is trying to literally kill everyone else.

But then they try to repeadetly kill each other as happened when the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan. Tribes that had been united against the Reds and supplied with U.S. purchased weaponry began killing each other.

You can also see it on the the nightly news when suicide bombers light themselves off in those little bitty disputes over doctrine between Shia and Sunni.

Something you don't see between the Orthodox Jews and Liberal Jews or Methodist and Presbyterians.

Yet what really amazes me is who sticks the things on their cars. Liberals

They fundamentally disagree with almost every aspect of Islam. Yet they slap them on their car.

Talk about uneducated.


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